Igenomix – Genetic Laboratory in Dubai

Business Description – IGENOMIX is a company that provides advanced services in reproductive genetics.

Till the 1950’s the parents were oblivious to the growth of their child in the womb. 1950’s was the time when the ultrasound came into being, making it easier to know about the growth of the child. Today the concern of the parents is not just about the growth of the child. As more and more children are being born with Genetic Disorders, parent’s concerns now revolve around how they can have a healthy child. We at IGENOMIX are constantly trying to research and develop ways in which we can assist parents in having healthy children.

  • تلفونات الشركة : +97180050342
  • موقع الشركه : https://www.igenomix.net/
  • عنوان الشركة : Unit 501 & 502, Building 40 Dubai Health Care City

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