Residency services by investment

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Residency services by investment

Residency services by investment

Residency By Investment as the name implies, is the straightforward procedure of acquiring permanent residency status in a foreign country by investment. Such benefit programs are widely accessible and have many advantages over traditional immigration procedures. The new residency process typically takes six months or less to secure full residency abroad and allow residents to live abroad full-time, as opposed to the many years or months, it can take nationals of allied nations to apply for citizenship or long-term visas.

These chances are usually far more cost effective than traditional methods, as they include making some form of financial contribution to expanding local industry in exchange for permission to live there. Permanent residents may apply for naturalization after at least five years (depending on their circumstances), but the majority of the time they must also go through another type of process in addition to those that grant them lifelong rights abroad, such as obtaining a temporary permit and a re-entry visa—the last step before receiving their permanent travel document!

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