Signature Diesel Trading

Signature Diesel Trading is one of the best Lubricants supply in UAE to provide you with quality lubricants. We provide fuel related solutions for all kinds of energy requirements from marines, road transportation, construction projects, ports to all business sectors in and around United Arab Emirates. Our commitment to the services make us a unique outsource solution for supply of  Diesel fuel, Lubricants and Grease and other fuel management activities.

  • For dependable and bulk  Diesel fuel supply and Lubricants & Grease in Abu Dhabi ,UAE ,
  • Call us : +971 55 491 8000.. We cater your requirements.
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  • تلفونات الشركة : 0554918000
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  • عنوان الشركة : Office#417, 4th floor, Tower 1, Mazyad Mall, Mussafah, AbuDhabi, UAE

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