Air Ambulance Services in Dubai, UAE

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Air Ambulance Services in Dubai, UAE

Choosing the Right Air Ambulance
Individuals and organizations find it difficult to make sense of the Air Ambulance services available to them mostly because of a lack of clear standards and information. Additionally, several players operate at seemingly low cost by cutting corners: such as the use of inadequately qualified medical staff or incompletely equipped flights. Choosing the right Air Ambulance is about understanding how committed your Ambulance team is, how qualified and experienced they are and how well-equipped they are.

Discover the Bluedot difference

Through a stringent quality procedure, we select internationally licensed Air Ambulance operators to provide accredited services and teams that are certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems, CAMTS, or the European Aero-Medical Institute, EURAMI, and will assign the best aircraft from a large fleet (single-engine flights, twin-engine flights, turboprop, helicopter, seaplane, and jets) based on the situation or terrain, such as oil rigs at sea or desert locations.

Critical Care to Neonatal Care

You can depend on Bluedot for medical assistance no matter your situation. Our standard air medical flight crew consists of a critical care flight nurse and a paramedic with critical care capability and experience. All the aircraft we use are equipped to provide intensive care and critical care (ICU/CCU) services, including Advanced Life Support (ALS), cardiac monitor, defibrillator, IV pumps, transport ventilators, oxygen and saturation monitor, emergency medication, etc.
Oxygen supplies on-demand are available on some of the networked flights in Boeing 777 and Airbus 330 aircraft. And our specialized neonatal team consists of neonatal nurses and respiratory therapists who can provide uttermost care to premature babies and those with congenital cardiac defects.

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