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Helicopters are versatile aircraft, offering optimal solutions for difficult and hard-to-access terrain without airports, as well as for transit within crowded, built-up city spaces. We offer both short-range and long-range helicopters that can provide comfortable personal transport as well as carry cargo or heavy luggage. Helicopters can be booked at comparatively shorter notice than jets and can fly at lower altitudes.

Whether you’re flying solo, heading to a holiday destination with family or friends, or taking your business team to a meeting at a different company branch, helicopters are an optimal solution to deliver you to your destination in style and comfort. While small planes and helicopters both offer the opportunity for quick and comfortable travel, helicopters are more versatile aircraft.

Helicopter Rides are More Flexible than Jets

Planes need runways to take off and land but helicopters provide an edge, needing only a small amount of space for landing, which means that they can reach difficult and hard-to-access terrain without airports such as mountain tops, remote locations, parking lots, or even yachts, as well as enabling easy transit within crowded, built-up city spaces. This means that ski trips to mountain resorts, picturesque holidays on private islands, or restaurants on skyscrapers are all within easy reach for helicopters. Helicopters can be booked at comparatively shorter notice than jets which makes impromptu getaways or emergency trips easy to book.

Additionally, because there’s no reliance on landing strips, you will automatically avoid all the chaos and unpleasantness that can come with flying on a commercial flight. There’s no need to wade through crowds at the airport or wait in long queues for boarding, and no stress about missing your flight or having to go through the many hurdles before you reach the boarding gate. When you travel by helicopter, you’ll be able to board the aircraft just minutes before takeoff – an incomparably more swift and smooth process. This means that you’ll save invaluable time. The same helicopter charter company can also take you to different destinations as well making travel plans more streamlined for you.

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