services Air Conditioning includes from Breathe company

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services Air Conditioning includes from Breathe company

services Air Conditioning includes from Breathe company

Keep your AC working optimally all year round with reliable, high quality maintenance work.
Keeping it cool…
At Breathe, we pride ourselves on delivering energy efficient and reliable air conditioning services. Maintaining your AC with us means you will save energy while reducing your carbon footprint and providing your home with a comfortable, cool environment – much needed in the Dubai heat!

Our team provides preventative maintenance and emergency services using only the highest quality pieces from the world’s leading manufacturers.

We are currently servicing all major communities across Dubai.

Our AC service scope of work includes:

  • Disinfection of vents, filters and drainage line
  • Cooling efficiency assessment
  • Fan motor, fan blower and evaporator coil inspection
  • Inspection of ducts
  • Thermostat functional check
    Air flow balance assessment
  • Unblocking of drip trays
  • Refrigerant gas top up
  • Cleaning of the condenser coil
  • Checking all electrical connections for the AC system
  • Your property must be located in Dubai

Our maintenance experts will help you get the job done! For questions or more information give us a call or contact us via WhatsApp – we are here to help you.

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