Maintenance and repair services for the car’s steering and brake system

Maintenance and repair services for the car’s steering and brake system

Whenever you feel your steering wheel is shaking, or your brakes are loose, you have to press down to feel its effect. It’s important that you’d check your Cars Steering & Brakes System.

We understand the critical role that steering and brakes play in ensuring your safety on the road. Our professionals specialize in repairing your steering and brake system efficiently and quickly.

In comprehensive maintenance, modern equipment diagnoses and addresses car steering issues effectively. Our expertise extends to the brake system as well.

Some of the steering and brake repair services we provide are:

Brake Pad Replacement: If you have heard any quelling sound coming from your brakes when pulling to a stop, it’s time to check your brake pads

Brake Disc Replacement: We offer to replace warped or damaged brake rotors, which can cause vibrations or poor braking performance.

Brake Calliper Replacement: Damaged brake callipers get replaced, which can cause uneven wear on the brake pads and reduced braking performance. A damaged brake calliper reduces the braking force or even a complete loss of the brakes function

Brake Fluid Line Replacement: We replace damaged brake lines, which can cause brake fluid leaks and reduce braking performance.

Steering Rack Repair/Replacement: We address damaged steering racks that lead to loose or wandering steering and related problems.

Wheel Alignment: We maintain and fix the vehicles wheel alignment to avoid unnecessary wear on your tyre, suspension, steering, and brakes

ABS Repair: We detect and resolve issues in ABS systems, preventing wheel lock-up during heavy braking.

Brake Fluid: Vital for efficient vehicle stopping, regular servicing maintains its performance. It eliminates moisture and contaminants.

We diagnose and refurbish power steering problems: grinding, screeching, loose or hard steering, and road vibration effects.

We diagnose and resolve brake booster issues, enhancing brake pedal pressure for easier car stopping.

We offer air suspension replacement or refurbishment. Our technology addresses costly and safety-related concerns.
To ensure optimal performance and enhance your car’s longevity, the first crucial step is to have it meticulously inspected by our proficient German & European specialists in Dubai. Once the inspection is completed, our team takes charge of the subsequent steps. This comprehensive examination involves utilizing advanced diagnostic tools to thoroughly assess every aspect of your vehicle. At Munich Motor Works, our adept technicians swiftly pinpoint any issues and provide effective solutions, fostering a seamless driving experience.

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