We provide a system of regular and preventive car maintenance

We provide a system of regular and preventive car maintenance

At Munich Motor Works, our skilled team performs essential maintenance solutions to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. From emergency repairs to regular upkeep, we handle it all. Our factory program maintenance is designed to prevent premature damage. Dubai’s premier European car center offers Regular & Preventative Maintenance System Services to ensure smooth performance and prevent costly repairs.

Here are a few examples of our Regular & Preventative Maintenance System services:

Regular Oil Changes: Ensure engine longevity and performance with routine oil changes at Munich Motor Works. Experience enhanced lubrication and operation.

Fluid Quality: Assess and replace vehicle fluids. Upgrade coolant, transmission, brake, and power steering fluids for optimal performance.

Tire Service: Our team can perform wheel alignment, tire rotations, tire replacements, and balance tires to ensure even wear and extend tire lifespan.

Brake Inspections: We conduct thorough brake inspections to prevent brake failure and ensure your brakes are in optimal condition. Munich Motor Works is here to ensure the optimal safety of every client.

Air Filter Replacements: We can replace your car’s air filter to improve the mixture formation for better performance and a cooler summer drive experience in Dubai.

Fuel System Cleaning: Our service includes a thorough fuel system cleaning to remove dirt and debris, preventing clogs and potential engine damage. The engine is the heart of your cars and fuel system cleaning is one of those essential steps that save your engine!

Timing Chain or Belt Replacement: At Munich Motor Works, replace your car’s timing belt on schedule to prevent engine damage and costly repairs.

Spark Plug Replacement: To ensure engine health and performance, we replace your car’s spark plugs at recommended intervals, preventing damage.

Inspection of Belts and Hoses: Our team inspects, replaces worn-out belts and hoses to avert engine damage and expensive repairs.

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